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For Sale or Rent Signs

Detailed information for Homeowners, Realtors and Rental Agents regarding the sign requirements for the Meadows at World Golf Village.

Electrical Hazard

Attention Residents. We have been informed that children have been seen using the green electrical control boxes as play tables. Please note that the box has over 440 volts going to the electrical connections. St. Johns County Health Department would strongly discourage anyone from using this box as a table due to the electrical hazard. Please educate the children and anyone playing on or around these control boxes.

No Fishing in Our Ponds

The Meadows at World Golf Village Board has determined that due to liability and homeowner's concerns of trespassing that fishing in our retention ponds is not allowed. The St. Johns Water Management Division states that these types of ponds were not designed for recreational activities such as boating, swimming or fishing. Grass carp are placed in our ponds at a cost to our HOA as a biological approach to aquatic weed control. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission  oversees the placement and permitting of these types of fish.  Grass carp should not be fished even as a catch and release as it is unlawful to remove or harm these types of fish.

From Commander Lee of the​ St. Johns Sheriff's Department:

Please pass on to your folks to be leery  of individuals approaching homeowners and offering services like (tree work, roof repair, etc.).  We are having issues with illegitimate business offerings approaching homeowners and luring them outside while a second person goes in the unlocked home and commits a burglary or theft.  Situational awareness...

Avoid Vehicle Burglaries..... Lock Your Vehicle!

Golf Cart Safety Rules and Vilolations from St. Johns County Sheriff's Office

You can decrease the risk of passenger ejection or rolling your golf cart over by: 

  • Avoiding sharp turns at high speed 
  • Sitting in the cart correctly 
  • Driving safely

Please see the attached Flyer provided by The St. Johns County Sheriff's Office regarding the safety rules, regulations and violations on Golf Carts in our neighborhood!


Rental and Realtor Signs (pdf)


Golf Cart Flyers Rules, Regulations & Violations (pdf)