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The Meadows at World Golf Village is a small community near top ranking Florida schools in St. Johns County, popular golf courses, beaches and historical landmarks.

The residences in our neighborhood include law enforcement (15 local and state officers), medical professionals, teachers, business owners and military retirees that make up some of our outstanding community.

Families living in The Meadows are encouraged to be a part of The Community and Leadership Team Meetings. The website bulletin board also provides a method of communication to households having internet capabilities.


Upcoming Events

Sept. 13th


The Community Yard Sale
8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
The Meadows will have a fall yard sale as voted on through FaceBook. Save the date! This is a chance to clean up, remove clutter, make a few dollars and meet your neighbors.




The Community and Leadership Team Meeting
7:00 p.m.
Held at suite 201
314 Commerce Lake Dr.
Click here for a Map.
Anyone may attend.


New to the Meadows?
Please send your contact information to Management (email, owner names and phone) for our records and to send you a copy of the Covenants and Restrictions via email or regular mail.
Kevin Francis (Manager) - email
Signature Realty & Management


Check out the Resources and Local Area Information sections to learn more about the World Golf Village area.


We want to hear from you.
Contact the Leadership Team

with your comments, questions or to report a violation.


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For Sale/Rent Sign Specs
Detailed information for Homeowners, Realtors and Rental Agents regarding the sign requirements for the Meadows at World Golf Village.
Click here to view the PDF.


Electrical Hazard
Attention Residents. We have been informed that children have been seen using the green electrical control boxes as play tables. Please note that the box has over 440 volts going to the electrical connections. St. Johns County Health Department would strongly discourage anyone from using this box as a table due to the electrical hazard. Please educate the children and anyone playing on or around these control boxes.


Juvenile activity/vandalism and speeding complaints
Recently there have been several community issues that have been brought forward requiring extra attention to your neighborhood: 1) Juvenile activity and vandalism at the entrance way to the Meadows and 2) Excessive speeding complaints.  The Sheriff's Office has been actively working to minimize these issues; but they continue to occur.

Regarding Vandalism and Juvenile Activities: Please be observant with keeping an eye and reporting any concerning activity at the entrance way to the neighborhood. There has been alcohol containers and drug paraphernalia located in areas where juveniles are congregating along and behind the block wall. There has also been damage to the wall with blocks being removed and broken.

Regarding speeding, there have been multiple complaints about speeding which we have tried to address though extra patrols but still continue to receive complaints. In an effort to further address this issue I would request residents to assist us with minimizing your speeds. To help educate the travelers of Meadowlark Lane, a speed trailer will be placed near Pacetti Bay Middle School for several days warning motorist of their actual speeds. There will additionally be strict enforcement of the posted speed limit which is 25 mph. Please monitor your speeds as the cost of a citation can have significant impact on a family budget in this economical time.

"January Report for the NW Sector of St. Johns County" a report approved by Commander Lee, SJSO (2/15/13)


"Lock your cars" an article approved by Commander Lee, SJSO (10/26/12)



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